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Providing Excavation and Repairs For

Underground Utilities & Pumping Stations

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Welcome to Fidelity Contracting

Welcome to Fidelity Contracting LLC

Fidelity Contracting LLC is a Pennsylvania-based, privately owned company specializing in excavation and underground utilities: water piping systems, sanitary sewerage, water pumping stations, and emergency response for public, commercial and industrial purposes. Our company provides accomplished, seasoned, skilled and highly trained professionals that will efficiently construct your most difficult water, sewer, storm, gas and pumping station projects. Our office is located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and our services extend into Delaware, and northeastern Pennsylvania. 

At Fidelity Contracting LLC we are fully trained and have decades of experience in real world solutions for all underground utility needs in the construction and/or rehabilitation of utility systems.

We use only the best technology and equipment for all projects constructed. Committed to quality service, timely response and worksite safety, we pride ourselves on a job well done.


Here is a list of employment opportunities at Fidelity Contracting. All applicants must be at least 18 years old.


Open Positions:

Currently there are no open positions, but please feel free to fill out an application. 


For Open Positions fill out the online application by clicking the link below. If you have questions please contact the Office.

Any open position is full time and include the below Compensation and Benefits:

Competitive pay in relationship to experience

Paid Vacation

Paid Holidays



Health Insurance

Short-Term Disability

The majority of the work is within 1 hour of the office